Minggu, 13 Januari 2013

Request Puisi Dari The Most Special Mine

Mungkin puisi ini tidak sebagus karyanya Chairil Anwar, bahkan patut diakui kali terakhir gue buat puisi waktu  4 tahun lalu Guys, kelas 1 SMP sewaktu diajar B. Indonesia oleh Ibu Apriani di SMP Patra Mandiri 1 Plaju :D jadi maafkanlah kalo tidak terlalu memuaskan ;;)

My Fortuner Angel :*

Many girls pass in my life
Eventhough they are beautiful, smart, sweet, or something like that
Luckily I can get the best one
Zoo is not the place actually
Amazing place namely SMANLEE is it

January, I've been one month with MJH :*
Unbelievable, strong, brilliant, and sweet girl who takes my attention
Low profile, communicative, and attentive are her adimiration, too, for me
I really love everything
About her :*

Honey, always be happy, success, and religious day by day
Attract me with your best admiration, achievements, and faithfulness
Because I always pray to God to be the last for you and you are too for me
Since you're my everything
Absolutely fascinating, exceptional, and completely like an Angel
Reaching our 10 year later on dream
Yelling the happiness of our wedding :* :* :* :* :* :* :*

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