Senin, 23 Juni 2014

Mastering al-Qur'an as a Hafidzh/oh

Ust. Yusuf Mansur said that there are some tips in reaching this dream:

1. One day one verse for memorizing, one day one juz for reading: this is very appropriate for a busy person that has a little spare time. I do this way alhamdulillah it really works

2. Reading as much as we can: there was Ust. YM's colleague who 400 times finishing 30 juz reading Qur'an and after that 2 months only for memorizing all part of qur'an

3. Making a good time management: for unemployed people, use your all life time by dividing it into 5 main sessions: 7.30-Zuhur as taking new memorizing, Zuhur- Ashar: 1 hour muroja'ah & rest time, Ashar-Maghrib as enriching the tafsir, and finally Isya'-10 pm as reviewing.

Insya Allah, al-Qur'an will guide us into a better life Amin.

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